Kabuto, the samurai helmets for LAMPRE-MERIDA

Kabuto, the samurai helmets for LAMPRE-MERIDA

Japanese quality will protect Team LAMPRE-MERIDA’s cyclists in 2013.
Blue-fuchsia-green athletes will wear helmets that will be supplied by Kabuto, becoming samurai of the bike.
The company, well known in the field of motorcycles helmets, chose general manager Saronni’s team with the aim of becoming protagonist of the cycling helmets European market.

Helmets that Team Lampre MERIDA will use are specially designed and developed by Kabuto with the solid knowledge on aerodynamics and with all the know-how on impact absorption performance learnt in motorcycle helmet development. These would let the riders concentrate solely on racing such from open-air road races, time trials on indoor tracks, and long-distance/ long-lasting races such as GrandTours.
The ideal fitting and aerodynamics you can gain from their helmets are nothing but the pure results from their air tunnel experiments. Kabuto supports all the cyclists with the Japanese sense of beauty and creativity, together with remarkable technology.

Kabuto” is a type of helmet used by samurai, the ancient Japanese warriors during the Warring State Period. Each “kabuto” represented individual family by its shape and emblem. Thus, not only was it a reliable head protection, but it was also a symbolic and prominent piece for the warriors. When a battle broke out, the samurai boosted morale by wearing their symbolic “kabuto” and awoke their fighting spirit.

Greeting from Kabuto CEO, Hidehito Kimura: “It is very grateful to be welcomed as a helmet supplier by such prestigious Team Lampre Merida. When it comes to the race, helmet is the exact one that protects riders’ head from injuries. Helmets, what we call “kabuto”, have been meaningful object in Japanese history and culture.
Just as the western knights wore crests, in Japan during the Warring State Period, samurai boosted their morale by wearing their symbolic “kabuto” and awoke their fighting spirit. This spirit of the ancient military nobility is inherited to the modern Japanese culture when people send “kabuto” as a gift in the prayer of children’s safe and healthy growth. “Kabuto”, the samurai identity for guardianship, overwhelms enemies and brings you a victory. This is what our brand name represents.
We wish our Kabuto would be meaningful not only just as a head protection, but also as something always there for riders’ as a mental partner. We truly appreciate this great opportunity and thankful for all who contributed to make it happen.
Now we are more than ready to support the team and its riders”.

“Cyclists and sport directors were impressed by the professional skills of the managers from Kabuto and by the care used in the manufacturing of the helmets that will be provided to the team – Giuseppe Saronni commented – The helmet is a key element and we ask for the top quality: we’re sure Kabuto is a perfect partner that will allow us to continue to rely on a top level standard. Moreover, we’re happy to widen our horizons to Asia”.

Kabuto’s history can be traced further back in 1948 when the company started manufacturing bicycle handle grips as “Osaka Grip MFG. Co., Ltd.” (current OGK Co., Ltd.) in Higashi-Osaka, Japan.
In 1982, started its own business as a manufacturer and seller of motorcycle and bicycle helmet in the name of “OGK Hanbai Co., Ltd.”.
In 1994 and 1997, factories were established in Nagata, Higashi-Osaka, and in Qingdao, China.
In 2006, the head office was moved to Nagata, Higashi-Osaka, and the name was altered to “OGK KABUTO Co., Ltd.”.
OGK KABUTO motorcycle racing helmets have always been developed on aerodynamics principle, and the technology based on this long-term studies has been patented.
As for cycling helmet, it has been strived to achieve a helmet even less in weight and even more in solidity. It’s been dominant in the Japanese market with the worlds’ top level technology, and this has been proved as the official helmet supplier for Japan national team. In 2010, the brand name changed to current Kabuto, and now their lineup varies for both motorcycle and bicycle helmets from street to racing use.

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