AleJet switches of engines: “I stop here”

AleJet switches of engines: “I stop here”

Alessandro Petacchi (photo Bettini) chose to publish on team website an important choice about his career ad pro cyclist.

“Paris-Roubaix closed an early part of the season in which I raced a lot, trying to be protagonist in traditional appointments, such Milano-Sanremo, and in competition for me less usual as Paris-Roubaix.

I approached all these races in the whole professional way, driven by the enthusiasm that Galbusera family and the new sponsors gave to the team. I’m aware I gave my best, as I always did in the 18 seasons as professional cyclist.

My career has been full of satisfactions and enriched by all the most important victories that a rider like me could ever aimed to. At the threshold of the 200 victories in career, I feel my life reaches a peculiar moment, a turning point in which I perceive the need to find a new dimension and to have more time to dedicate to my family. These considerations induce me to the decision to pause my career.

I always put first the professional side of my job, honoring the efforts made by sponsors, such Lampre, Merida and all the other partner of the team: I really thank them for the trust they gave me in these marvelous years. 

I feel it’s time to dedicate time for myself and to go in search for new spurs.

By now, I want to say goodbye to all the cycling fans, considering that maybe there will be the chance to come back some day to be part on the world that gave me so much, offering my experience to the new cycling generations.

I’d like to thank the team, the sponsors, the management, the staff and athletes and everyone that supported me during my career, confirming by now my availability to support, when necessary, my mates and the team with advices and my experience.

Your sincerely,

Alessandro Petacchi”.

Team LAMPRE-MERIDA thanks Petacchi for the winning years spent together: 14 victories and the green jersey in Tour de France contributed to enrich a human and professional relation. Respecting the cyclist choice, the team and its sponsor are aware that the relation between AleJet and the blue-fuchsia-green colors will continue to be strong, considering the will by Petacchi to give his availability to offer the team its experience and his image of top sprinter. Soon, the team will organize initiatives in order to give tribute to the extraordinary career of Petacchi.

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