Brixia Tour – 1st stage

Brixia Tour – 1st stage

Battling race in the 1st stage of Brixia Tour, 158 km from Ponte di Legno to Edolo. The race started in an intense way, since the early kilometres of the course were challenging: a group of 40 attackers took the head of the race and among them there were for Lampre-ISD Balloni, Buts, Gavazzi, Ulissi.
the four blue-fucsia riders could not avoid the counter attack of former breakway mates Baliani and Frapporti: the duo, despite the efforts of the followers (hard job by Buts and Balloni) could reached the arrival and Frapporti preceded Baliani. 2’03″ after them, on the finish line arrived a group of 23 riders with Gavazzi.

“We knew that the early part of the course could have been decisive and so we knew we had to pay attention – Tebaldi explained – That’s what we did, but then we could not control the escape by Baliani and Frapporti”.

1st Frapporti 3h36’46″
2nd Baliani 1″
3rd Felline 1’46″
13th Ulissi 2’03″, 37th Gavazzi 3’57″, 38th Balloni s.t., 40th Pietropolli 4’40″, 65th Spilak s.t., 83th Kvachuk s.t., 87th Buts 5’57″, 90th Szeghalmi s.t., 93th Magazzini s.t..

1st Frapporti 3h36’34″
2nd Baliani 4″
3rd Felline 1’54″
13th Ulissi 2’15″

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