Polanc, top quality blue-fuchsia prospect

Polanc, top quality blue-fuchsia prospect

The young talented Jan Polanc wanted to come back to the places where he tryumphed in Piccolo Giro di Lombardia. In the past days, in fact, the twenty years old cyclist from Slovenia visited the roads on which he performed the winning moves, but his visit was not intended only to live again the past, since Jan’s attention was focused also on the future.

In fact, Polanc met Giuseppe Saronni, general manager from Team Lampre, at the blue-fuchsia headquarter, in order to talk about the chance for Jan to become pro wearing the jersey of the Italian team. Polanc, who was with his sport director at Team Radenska Andrej Hauptam (Team Lampre’s rider in 2004), agreed that his future will be coloured with blu-fuchsia, maybe starting from the second half of 2013 season.

“The idea of taking part in the most prestigious races is exciting and, if I think it could happen thanks to Team Lampre, it seems to be a dream for me – Polanc confided – Hauptman spoke me well of the blue-fuchsia group: I’m sure it could be the proper environment for me, also considering the attention that Team Lampre usually pays to young cyclists”.

In photo, Andrej Hauptman (sport director Team Radenska), Jan Polanc and Fabrizio Bontempi (sport director Team Lampre).

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