Tour of Turkey, eight stage: Richeze 8th and Palini 9th

Tour of Turkey, eight stage: Richeze 8th and Palini 9th

Same epilogue of yesterday stage, Kittel on Guardini in the sprint, but the results were not the same for LAMPRE-MERIDA in the final stage of Tour of Turkey: Richeze (photo Bettini, with Ubeto), who was 3rd on Saturday in Izmir, could not repeat in Istanbul, obtaining the 8th place, followed by team mate Palini, 9th.

Blue-fuchsia-green colors far from the top of the overall final classification, that was won by the Turkish cyclist Sayar on Berhane and Bagot.

Sport director Vicino describes the sprint: “Pozzato took the head of the bunch at 5 km to go, raisin the speed. Then Argos-Shimano went on leading the bunch, working for Kittel, while Viganò guided Richeze and Palini. The Argentinian cyclist was our first option, but he could not find again the same sprint as yesterday”.

1- Kittel 2h43’45″
2- Guardini s.t.
3- Fenn s.t.
8- Richeze s.t.
9- Palini s.t.

1-Sayar 29h13’13″
2- Berhane 41″
3- Bagot 44″
4- Mederel 57″
40- Pozzato 17’07″

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