Another sprint, Modolo is 4th once again

Another sprint, Modolo is 4th once again

Sacha Modolo (photo Biondi Bettini) characterizes his performances with regularity, obtaining once again the 4th place.
After yesterday sprint, in today stage too (4th, Tarnow-Katowice, 236 km) the cyclist from LAMPRE-MERIDA battled against the other fast wheels of the bunch, crossing the finish line in 4th position, as he had done 24 hours before.
The sprint was won by Van Genechten, who proceded Guarnieri, Mezgec and Modolo.

Modolo explained that: “I was aware it would have been a very fast sprint and in fact it was performed at very high speed.
This is the reason why it was important to approach ther sprint in the head positions: I received a very useful support by my team mates and I’d like to point out how the feeling with Ferrari is working perfectly.
I preferred to begin early my sprint because I was aware of the risk of not finding the necessary space. Unfortunately, as it had happened yesterday, I could not be incisive in the final 20 meters.
It’s something I can improve, considering that I was out of race for one month”.

No changes in the head of the overall classification, that is led by Vakoc; Mori is the best rider for LAMPRE-MERIDA (9th at 33″).

1- Van Genechten 5h43’29″
2- Guarnieri s.t.
3- Mezgec s.t.
4- Modolo s.t.
5- Hutarovich s.t.
35- Ferrari s.t., 44- Mori s.t., 90- Cattaneo s.t., 98- Cunego s.t., 111- Niemiec s.t., 147- Bono 1’02″

1- Vakoc 20h34’24″
2- Krizek 26″
3- Hutarovich 27″
4- Bos s.t.
5- Mezgec s.t.
9- Mori 33″
46- Cunego 37″, 49- Niemiec s.t., 61- Cattaneo s.t., 84- Modolo 1’31″, 98- Ferrari 2’39″, 118- Bono 6’48″

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