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In Trieste, Ferrari once again in the top 5 fastest riders

A bunch sprint ended Giro d’Italia 2014 in Trieste and Roberto Ferrari obtained once again a result in the top 5. LAMPRE-MERIDA’s sprinter was 5th in the 21st stage, preceded … Continue reading

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Cattaneo, breakaway for the future

Mattia Cattaneo was not scared by the names, the lenght and, mostly, by the slope of the climbs that characterized the 20th stage of Giro d’Italia. He did not hesitate … Continue reading

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Cunego detains the18th place in the overall ranking

Big effort by Damiano Cunego to detain the 18th place in the overall classification of Giro d’Italia (photo Bettini) after the 19th stage, a mountain time trial from Bassano del … Continue reading

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Ulissi quitted Giro, Polanc 39th in Rifugio Panarotta

In the day Diego Ulissi quitted Giro d’Italia (two stages winner was not at the start), another young gun, Jan Polanc, tried to honor blue-fuchsia-colors. Twenty-teo years old (photo Bettini, … Continue reading

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Bono 19th in Vittorio Veneto, tomorrow Ulissi will quit the race

Two main topics for LAMPRE-MERIDA in the 17th stage of Giro d’Italia. The first one concerns Diego Ulissi (photo Bettini): the winner of Viggiano and Montecopiolo stages won’t be tomorrow … Continue reading

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Snow, cold and climbs: Anacona is 16th

Epic day in Giro d’Italia. Snow and cold turned to extreme the 16th stage, whose course was very demanding considering that in 139 km there were the climbs of Passo … Continue reading

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Cunego tries the breakaway, LAPRE-MERIDA best team in the 14th stage

The 15th stage of Giro d’Itallia (225 km from Valdengo to the summit arrival in Plan di Montecampione) was characterized by a breakaway of 12 athletes in which Cunego too … Continue reading

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Fighting youth: Polanc is 4th and Cattaneo is 8th

Two very young guns lived an amazing day in Giro d’Italia. Jan Polanc, 22 years old, and Mattia Cattaneo, 23 years old, were in the main breakaway of the 14th … Continue reading

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No sprints, Ferrari is 16th in Rivarolo Canavese

The expected massive sprint did not take place on the arrival of the 13th stage of Giro d’Italia (Fossano-Rivarolo Canavese, 157 km), because for first time in 2014 edition of … Continue reading

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Ulissi very fast in the time trial, Cunego is equally good

Very classy performance by Diego Ulissi in the land of classy wines where the time trial of the 12th stage took place. On the 41,9 km from Barbaresco to Barolo, … Continue reading

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Ulissi, what a crash in the downhill; Cunego 12th in Savona

Dangerous day in Giro d’Italia. The 11th stage was very long (249 km, from Collecchio to Savona) and it was characterized by a frantic moment in the downhill of Passo … Continue reading

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Ferrari always in the top 5: 4th place again

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LAMPRE-MERIDA's sprinters: Fer...

There’s a sprinter who can fight against the strongest lead-out trains. There’s a sprinter who doesn’t hesitate to support his team mates. There’s a sprinter whose name is Roberto Ferrari … Continue reading

Manuele Mori signs one more se...

Team LAMPRE-MERIDA signed with Manuele Mori (photo Bettini) the prolongation of his contract: the experience of the Tuscan cyclist will be a value for the team in 2015 season too. … Continue reading

LAMPRE-MERIDA is ready for 201...

The profitable experience in Tour of Hainan has just closed the 2014 season and Team LAMPRE-MERIDA is going to start working in order to prepare the 2015 counting on the … Continue reading