LAMPRE-MERIDA 15th, despite a problem for Cattaneo

The six cyclists from LAMPRE-MERIDA were realizing a good performance in the team time trial world championship in Ponferrada (51,7 km) when they had to face a sudden hitch.

Mattia Cattaneo, probably the key rider of the blue-fuchsia-green team, had to quit the race at the 22nd kilometer because of a kidney colic.
The team directed by the duo Matxin-Vicino could react in a proper way, but it was not possible to do better than the 15th performance: LAMPRE-MERIDA (photo Bettini) recorded the time of 1h05’59″, average time of 51,992 km/h, 2’30″ more than BMC that won the race.

The withdrawal by Cattaneo in the first half of the race influenced our performance, especially considering that he was our key rider and that we were pedaling on a time that was close to the 10th position – sport director Matxin said – Without Mattia, each of the five remaining riders had to pedal longer in the head position, spending more energies.
In addition, when Ferrari completed his effort in leading the team mates in the approach if the final climb, we had to pay maximum attention in being united and in reaching the arrival all togheter, since there were four riders left.

All the team members were great in facing this unexpected event and we could obtain a fair result, considering the problem that occurred“.

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National selections: seven riders from LAMPRE-MERIDA in Ponferrada

Seven riders from LAMPRE-MERIDA will race on Ponferrada roads for the world championships (28 September – road race, 24 September – invididual time trial) and at the start of the rainbow race there will be Rui Costa too.

The world champion and the team mates will wear the jerseys of six different Countries:
– Maximiliano Richeze (Argentina)
– Winner Anacona (Colombia)
– Kristijan Durasek (Croatia)
– Przemyslaw Niemiec (Poland)
– Rui Costa, Nelson Oliveira (Portugal)
– Jan Polanc (Slovenia)

Twelve months after his victory in Florence, Rui Costa will face the world championship at the end of the season during which he always raced as a strong champion.
Together with Rui, in Portuguese team there will be the national champion for road and time trial, Nelson Oliveira, who will took part in both disciplines.

Double participation in road and time trial race for Anacona too.
Niemiec will race again on Spanish roads some weeks after he conquered in Vuelta a beautiful victory in the Lagos de Covadonga stage.

Maximiliano Richeze too raced in Vuelta and he’s going to wear the Argentinian jersey in Ponferrada; Durasek and Polanc, on the contrary, will approach the world championship after having taken part in Gp Quebec, Gp Montreal and Tre Valli Varesine.

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LAMPRE-MERIDA’s selection for the TTT

The technical staff of LAMPRE-MERIDA selected the 6 riders that will try to honor the world championship team time trial.

The sport director Matxin will count on Winner Anacona, Mattia Cattaneo, Roberto Ferrari, Nelson Oliveira, Josè Serpa Perez and Rafael Valls.

The blue-fuchsia-green six men will represent four Countries: Italy, Colombia, Portugal and Spain.

The team time trial (photo Bettini) is scheduled on Sunday 21 September on a 57,1 km course in Ponferrada: LAMPRE-MERIDA’s target is to do better than the 17th place in Florence 2013.

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Demanding race and third place for Pozzato in Varese

Tre Valli Varesine, the final act of the Trittico Lombardo, gave Filippo Pozzato the third position, just behind Albasini (1st) and .

The race started in Luino and finished in Varese after 199,9 km, the last 80 km were covered on a circuit that was similar to the one of the 2008 world championship.

After some attempts, 6 riders could escape from the bunch, but their advantage was limited under 3′, so their action was easily neutralized.
At 70 km to go, a new breakaway allowed 7 cyclists to led the race for 45 km, when the bunch reacted.
The key attack was performed by 11 athletes at 25 km to the arrival and Durasek and Pozzato were members of this action that could reach the arrival.
In the restricted sprint (photo Bettini), Pozzato did not succeed in recovering Albasini and Colbrelli who had anticipated their move.

I’m satisfied for the performance of the team, our riders moved in a perfect way and we succeeded in having the two best riders in the key action that characterized the final kilometers – sport director Righi explained – Durasek was great in supporting Filippo in view of the sprint, but Albasini demonstrated to be the strongest.

In the Trittico Lombardo we were on all the three places of the podium, so I can adfirm that these days have been good for LAMPRE-MERIDA“.

1- Albasini
2- Colbrelli s.t.
3- Pozzato s.t.
4- Rebellin s.t.
7- Durasek 4″

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Trofeo Lampre – 24th edition

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The winning sprint by Bonifazio in Lissone

Same colors as in 2013 in Coppa Agostoni: one year after the victory of Filippo Pozzato, LAMPRE-MERIDA celebrates in Lissone the success of Niccolò Bonifazio.

The twenty years old Italian cyclist won the final sprint of the 68th edition of Coppa Agostoni, 199,6 km with start and arrival in Lissone, on an interesting course that makes the riders cover the climb of Ello, Colle Brianza, Giovenzana and Lissolo (55 km to the arrival).

After that 9 attackers had led the race in the early part of the course, in the approach of Lissolo climb (at 60 km to the arrival) a group of 9 counter-attackers escaped from the bunch, but these riders did not succeed in reaching more that 1’30″ of advantage because of the chase that was led by LAMPRE-MERIDA.

The blue-fuchsia-green team completed the chase at 7 km to go and launched Bonifazio in a winning sprint (2nd place for Bole, 3rd place for Ponzi).

For Bonifazio, Coppa Agostoni is the 3rd seasonal success (he had won Sakai Criterium and the final stage of Tour of Japan), for LAMPRE-MERIDA this is the 22nd victory in 2014.

Rui Costa honored his participation to the race, the last one wearing the rainbow jersey he conquered in Florence: he gave his best for the team, especially in the approach to the sprint, and he could celebrate with his team mates the victory of Bonifazio.

This is the comment by Bonifacio: “It’s something special to complete a perfect performance by the team by obtaining a victory, that’s why I’m so happy.
The whole team supported me in an amazing way: Dodi and Cattaneo neutralized the breakaway after Lissolo, then Rui Costa led me in the approach to the sprint.
You can not image what it means to receive the help by the world champion, it’s such a honor and it gave me even more energies for the sprint.

After the climbs, I could come back to the bunch, then I could focus my attention only on the sprint.

I thanks my team, Rui Costa and the sponsors for their support during this first year as pro“.

I’m very satisfied for the team performance and, of course, for the result – sport director Righi said – Cimolai was active in the early part of the course, then the rest of the team managed to control in the proper way the breakaways and to support Bonifazio in the final kilometers.
Niccolò was in a good condition, that allowed him in coming back in the head of the race after Lissolo climb: at 30 km to go, our riders decided that Bonifazio would have been the captain in the sprint and Rui Costa led him in an amazing way to the final kilometers“.

1- Bonifazio
2- Bole s.t.
3- Ponzi s.t.
4- Battaglin s.t.
5- Fedi s.t.

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Referral Diego Ulissi

Immediately after the first stage in which Diego Ulissi (photo Biondi/Bettini) has taken part after the forced activity pause, UCI notified to the cyclist his referral to the disciplinary commission of Swiss Cycling.

Finally, in the next weeks the rider and his team will have a final view about the long procedure concerning this topic.

Respecting the internal sanitary rules of the team and the rules of MPCC, considering the referral Ulissi won’t take part in the next races.

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In Legnano, second place for Pozzato, just behind Viviani

Second place and good message in view of the World Championship by Filippo Pozzato.

LAMPRE-MERIDA’s cyclist was preceded by Viviani in the final sprint of Coppa Bernocchi (190,3 km).
The arrival in Legnano saw a selected group of riders battle for the victory, after that the race was led in different moments by Marycz, De Ketele, Ewan and Valencia; Wackermann too tried to join the head of the race with Cecchinel, Van Zyl and Diez, but their attempt had not succees.

Pozzato in the final kilometer could receive the support by Ulissi and by a fast rider such as Bonifazio, so he could approach the sprint (photo Bettini) in the best way, but Viviani was too fast.

“I believed in the opportinity of getting to the victory, I did my best in the sprint – Pozzato explained – I approached the sprint in the best possible way, I was aware I could win; unfortunately, Viviani performed an amazing sprint, his speed was unbeatable.
I won’t be in Coppa Agostoni, so I won’t have the opportunity to repeat the victory I had obtained in 2013, but I’ll be at the start of Tre Valli Varesine”.

1- Viviani 4h27’06″
2- Pozzato s.t.
3- Ponzi s.t.
4- Viganò s.t.
22- Ulissi 10″, 49- Bonifazio 21″, 99- Modolo 4’07″ , 100- Wackermann 4’22″, Cimolai dnf, Palini dnf, Vaccher dnf

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Final at Vuelta a Espana

It ended with the individual time trial of Santiago de Compostela of 9.7 km the Vuelta a Espana in 2014.

Circuitous route, made slippery by rain appeared on the track that has upset a little the cards on the table for the stage victory.

Malori has won the time trial just riding the first drops of rain on the track behind him Dennis and Sergent.

Best athlete Lampre Merida, Valerio Conti 29 ^ to 52 “.

For the general classification victory for Contador on Valverde and Froome, for the formation of the DS Matxin and Vicino the best athletes placed were Niemiec 26 ^ and 27 ^ Anacona separated from each other by only 3. ”

The words of Matxin: ” This Vuelta is finished, I think we were players from all over the days, we have been great to win two stages and just as good to be almost always present in escape attempts. With the absence of the defending champion of last year Horner , we had a big loss in the overall standings, but I think we managed to pull out the best in ourselves too. ”




1 Adriano MALORI ITA MOV 11:12





6 Maciej BODNAR POL CAN 18



9 Damien GAUDIN FRA ALM 19

10 Jasper STUYVEN BEL TFR 19

29 Valerio CONTI ITA LAM 52





2 Christopher FROOME GBR SKY +1:10



5 Fabio ARU ITA AST +4:48


7 Daniel MARTIN IRL GRS +10:38

8 Warren BARGUIL FRA GIA +11:50

9 Damiano CARUSO ITA CAN +12:50


26 Przemyslaw NIEMIEC POL LAM +1:11:31

27 Winner ANACONA GOMEZ COL LAM +1:11:34

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Very good 2nd place for Rui after a long breakawat by Polanc

Rui Costa honored the rainbow jersey once again, obtaining the 2nd place in the Gp Montreal, 205,7 km (17 laps of 12,1 km each)

The course was characterized by 3893 mt of altitude difference, considering the two steephills of the Cote Camillien-Houde (1,8 km at 8%) and the Cote de la Polytechnique (780 mt at 6%), in addition to the final hill of Avenue du Parc (560 mt at 4%): on such kind of course, Jan Polanc demonstrated again his qualities by pedaling for most part of the race in the main breakaway.

The 22 years old Slovenian rider, who had been in the main breakaway in Gp Quebec too, led the race with other three cyclists (Jeannesson, Roth and Vervaeke) since the early kilometers, touching a top advantage of 12′.
After the half of the course, the bunch started the chase, but Polanc did not surrender: when there were two laps left, he was the lonely leader of the race and the bunch could neutralize his action only in the final lap.

In that moment, LAMPRE-MERIDA worked in the head of the bunch in order to make the race more demanding, with the aim of selecting the fastest wheel and to prepare the attack by Rui Costa.
The world champion tried to escape from the group on the Cote Camillien-Houde and at 4 km to go, forcing the pace in order to anticipate the sprint and to anticipate Gerrans, the favourite.

Despite a perfect race by Rui and his team mates, the Australian could repeat the winning sprint that had given him the victory in Quebec City, obtaining the success in Gp Montreal too: second place for Rui Costa, third position for Gallopin (photo James Startt/GPCQM, the podium).

“As in Quebec City, here in Montreal too LAMPRE-MERIDA realized a perfect performance: Polanc was great in the breakaway, all my team mates supported me even better than I could have imagined, so I really want to thank you because their help allowed me to honor the race and the rainbow jersey in the best way – Rui Costa said – My legs were good, so I wanted to make the race more demanding. I also attacked in order to try to anticipate Gerrans, but he’s in a very good shape and he deserved the victory”.

Jan Polanc is satisfied too: “My role, as for Gp Quebec, was to attack in the early part of the race and so I did. The cooperation among us attackers were good and it gave us the opportunity to led the race for most part of it: I was in the head of the race for more than 190 km.
When there were 5 laps to go, I also believed I could have manage to avoid the chase of the bunch, but the group intensify the chase in the final laps.
I’m satisfied for my performance and I’m happy Rui could obtain a top result”.

1- Gerrans 5h24’27″
2- Rui Costa s.t.
3- Gallopin s.t.
4- Navardauskas s.t.
5- Bardet s.t.
44- Durasek 1’06″, 46- Mori s.t., 55- Polanc 1’32″, 71- Valls 4’39″, 75- Oliveira s.t., Horner dnf, Bono dnf

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