In China, Modolo is in the top 5: 4th place in the sprint

In China, Modolo is in the top 5: 4th place in the sprint

A massive sprint at the end of the 1st stage of Tour of Beijing, 167 km from Chong Li to Zhangjiakou.
The fastest cyclist on Chinese road was the Slovenian athlete Luka Mezgec, who won the stage, but Sacha Modolo too realized a good sprint, obtaining the 4th place.

The first part of the course was not completely easy, considering that the bunch covered three Kom (one of 2nd category and 2 of 3rd category); on the contrary the final sector had no difficulties and the most of the sprinters could reach Zhangjiakou in order to take part in the sprint.

thanks to the support by the team and the precious help by Pozzato in the final kilometers, Modolo was on the wheel of the fastest rider, Mezgec, but he could not overtook the Slovenian athlete, who obtained the victory. Modolo was 4th, despite his speed was not so bad.

Unlucky stage for Nelson Oliveira, who was forced to quit the race because of an infection in the respiratory system.

Our aim was to give to Modolo the opportunity to battle against the fastest sprinters – sport director Matxin explained – We succeeded in giving him the best possible support and Sacha was skilful in following Mezgec.
Today, he was not powerfull as Mezgez was, but I’m sure in the next stages he can only do better, because his fit will go better and better“.

In photo (Bettini), LAMPRE-MERIDA attending the teams presentation.

1- Mezgec 4h22’58″
2- Ewan s.t.
3- Farrar s.t.
4- Modolo s.t.
5- Maes s.t.
48- Rui Costa s.t., 50- Pozzato s.t., 67- Valls s.t., 80- Xu s.t., 109- Polanc 18’04″, 124- Richeze s.t., Oliveira dnf.

1- Mezgec 4h22’48″
2- Ewan 4″
3- Kern 5″
4- Farrar 6″
8- Modolo 10″

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Cattaneo officially signed the prolongation of his contract

Cattaneo officially signed the prolongation of his contract

After having set the agreement (, now the final step has been performed: Mattia Cattaneo (photo Bettini) will race in LAMPRE-MERIDA in 2015 and 2016 too.

The young Italian cyclist officially signed the prolongation of the contract that will give him the possibility to ride in blue-fuchsia-green for the next two seasons.
This will be an important period for Cattaneo, who’ll receive from the team the responsability that will be graduated on his amazing cycling qualities.

In the early two years he spent in the team, Mattia receive the appreciation from the whole team thanks to his accuracy, his intelligence, his manners, in addition to his top cycling skills – team manager Copeland explained – Going on working in this way, Cattaneo perform great improvement, that’s why we’ll be happy to count on Mattia in order to set aspiring targets.
I’m sure he can still make improvements that will help him to become a top rider“.

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Bonifazio 8th in Tuscany

Bonifazio 8th in Tuscany

In the first of the three Italian races that will end the European calendar of LAMPRE-MERIDA, Niccolò Bonifazio obtained the 8th place.
In Gp Peccioli-Coppa Sabatini, the blue-fuchsia-green team got in the top ten, but could not make the winning move despite its cyclists were always in the heat of the race.

The most important action for LAMPRE-MERIDA were the ones that were performed by Conti and Durasek.
The Italian neo-pro attacked with other 10 riders after 43 km in the race. This breakaway struggled against the chase by the bunch for more or less 40 km, before surrendering and getting caught by the group.
Later, Durasek became protagonist during the final lap, when he attacked at 10 km to go. His attack was good, but the speed of the bunch, led by the teams of those sprinters that are at ease on the lightly rising roads, was very high and so the attempt was neutralized.
The sprint was won by Colbrelli, who could precede Finetto and Pellizotti, 8th place for Bonifazio (photo Bettini).

Our aim was to be in every important action that would have characterized the race: we quite succeeded in doing this – sport director Maini commented – Conti was in a very good breakaway, I’m sure that this attempt could have reach the arrival if MTN-Qhubeka, that had no riders in the head of the race, had not led the chase“.

1- Colbrelli
2- Finetto 4″
3- Pellizotti 6″
4- Rebellin 10″
5- Battaglin s.t.
8- Bonifazio 13″

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LAMPRE-MERIDA for the three Italian races

LAMPRE-MERIDA for the three Italian races

Three days of cycling that will gave to the Italian fans the opportunity to cheers LAMPRE-MERIDA in three interesting races.

Blue-fuchsia-green team will take part in Gp Peccioli-Coppa Sabatini (9 October), in Giro dell’Emilia (11 October) and in Gp Beghelli (12 October).
Sport director Orlando Maini will count on a selection with a large Italian part:
Gp Peccioli-Coppa Sabatini: Bonifazio, Bono, Conti, Dodi, Durasek, Favilli, Ferrari, Mori.
Giro dell’Emilia: Bono, Conti, Cunego, Dodi, Durasek, Favilli, Mori, Niemiec.
Gp Beghelli: Bonifazio, Conti, Dodi, Durasek, Favilli, Ferrari, Mori, Palini.

The course of Gp Peccioli-Coppa Sabatini will give us the opportunity to count on many athletes: Durasek can be protagonist if the race will become demanding, on the contrary Mori and Favilli can use their speed in the final part if there won’t be a heavy selection. Don’t forget the young gun Conti! – sport director Maini said – Giro dell’Emilia’s course is the toughest one, that’s why I think Cunego, Durasek and Niemiec will be our main riders for this race.
For what concerns Gp Beghelli, it will all depends on how the riders will cover the final circuit and the climb of Zappolino: if the pace will be intense, we can count on Mori and Favilli, who both were on the podium in 2014 edition; if the race will be less demanding, fast cyclists such as Bonifazio and Ferrari can aim to a good result“.

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Rubén Plaza joins LAMPRE-MERIDA

Rubén Plaza joins LAMPRE-MERIDA

In view of 2015 season, LAMPRE-MERIDA looks at the Spain in order to strenghten the roster and, in particular, to add a valuable man to the group of cyclists that will support Rui Costa in trying to achieve top results.

General manager Brent Copeland defined the signing of the Spanish rider Rubén Plaza Molina.
He was born in Ibi, in Alicante sourrindings (Comunitat Valenciana), on 29-2-1980 and he began to cycle in 1991.
Ten years later, in 2001, he lived his first season in pro cycling: during 14 seasons, Plaza obtained 22 victories, the most important of which are two Spanish national titles and one stage in Vuelta a Espana 2005 (Alcalà time trial).
Another important result is the 12th place he got in the overall classification in Tour de France 2010, in his debut in the Grande Boucle.

His qualities as rouleur and good climber make him a very precious athlete for supporting the team captains, but give also him the opportunities to achieve personal goals.

Rubén enhanced his awareness of his skills and improve his experience to a good level – team manager Copeland explained – He’s a complete professional rider, we know we can entrust him the responsibility of the important role of supporter of the team captains“.

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Rui Costa, still a champion: he’s 3rd in Bergamo

Rui Costa, still a champion: he’s 3rd in Bergamo

Amazing team performance by LAMPRE-MERIDA in Il Lombardia (254 km, Como-Bergamo) and the confirmation by Rui Costa that he’s a top rider.
In his first appearance without the rainbow jersey, the Portuguese rider obtained the 3rd place behind Daniel Martin and Valverde, adding value to the perfect race by the whole blue-fuchsia-green team.

Many good feedbacks during the race by the cyclists that were directed from the team car by Orlando Maini, starting with Jan Polanc: the young Slovenian, who had covered more than 400 km in the breakaways in the two Canadian events of the World Tour (Gp Quebec and Gp Montreal), was protagonist once again in an attack of 11 riders that led the race for most part of the course, counting on an advantage on the bunch of more than 10′.
Polanc was one of the last attackers to surrender to the chase of the peloton, that neutralize the brekaway at 30 km to the arrival.

In the final part the race, LAMPRE-MERIDA focused the attention on helping Rui Costa in approaching the climbs in the head positions of the group, as they did also before the last climb of the course (Bergamo Alta), when Niemiec and Durasek allowed the past world champion to start the steephill in the head of the selected group.
Rui Costa had enough energies to reach the summit of the climb in the head group of 9 riders, then in the short downhill to the arrival nothing happened, but at 500 meters Daniele Martin performed the winning attack, anticipating the sprint that gave Rui Costa the 3rd place, just behind Valverde.

First of all, I want to thank my team mates, because they perfectly supported me from the start to the last climb, I could not ask more from them – Rui Costa explained – I tried to give the team a top result, all the nine members of the group that was leading the race after the climb of Bergamo Alta were pedaling with few energies left, so we were all waiting for the sprint, but Martin attacked when the speed had decreased and he deserved the victory.
The third place is a good result, I’m happy I could honor the first race I took part in without wearing the rainbow jersey.
Today is my birthday and it would have been great celebrating it with a victory, but I’m satisfied for celebrating is knowing that I’m the first Portugese cyclist to be on the podium of the Giro di Lombardia and that now I’m fourth in the World Tour ranking“.

1- Martin D. 6h25’33″
2- Valverde 1″
3- Rui Costa s.t.
4- Wellens s.t.
5- Sanchez s.t.
40- Niemiec 1’34″, 42- Durasek s.t., 59- Polanc 3’52″, 71- Conti 7’09″, Bono dnf, Oliveira dnf, Valls dnf

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Thanks Damiano for the 10 years

Thanks Damiano for the 10 years

Damiano Cunego decade, ten years in blu-fuchsia.

After reaching the goal of the decade, the cycling roads of LAMPRE-MERIDA and Cunego will divide: the 2014 as the last season in our team of a cyclist that became a symbol of the team thanks to his skills and the results he got.

The team and Cunego celebrated together 27 times, this is the number of the victories that Damiano obtained wearing blu-fuchsia colors (and in the past two seasons also in Merida green).
The numbers talk for themselves, but the memories are worth a lot more than the figures.

In this relationship, both parties gave a lot to the other: the team thanks Damiano for these ten years, being aware that this gratitude is largely repaid.

Damiano Cunego will take part in Giro dell’Emilia (October the 11th) and in Japan Cup (October the 2oth); after a shared choice, Il Lombardia is not in his program of races.

It’s obvious that, even if the professional relationship will end, the personal relation with a protagonist of the team’s history will never end.

In the photo, a collection of the pictures of the best moments of Cunego in the team.

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LAMPRE-MERIDA in China with Rui, Pozzato and Xu Gang

LAMPRE-MERIDA in China with Rui, Pozzato and Xu Gang

LAMPRE-MERIDA’s Xu Gang will join Cheng Ji (Giant-Shimano) as the Chinese riders leading the charge at the fourth edition of the Tour of Beijing with the final race on the UCI’s WorldTour calendar getting underway on Friday 10th October.
Xu (photo Bettini) is a four-time Chinese road champion, and won the overall title at the Tour of the South China Sea in 2008. The 30-year-old has also ridden the last two editions of the Tour of Beijing and is hungry for success.
Xu said he is looking forward to once again promoting cycling to front of Chinese fans at this year’s race.

“The Tour of Beijing is one of my last races for the 2014 season, a season which has been fantastic and brought me huge amount of professional satisfaction since I started my professional career in a World Tour team – Xu said – For me it is a great honor to race in China in a WorldTour race and hope to increase the amount of Chinese fans for me and my Italian team”.

Riding alongside Xu for Beijing will be 2013 world champion Rui Costa.
It would be very satisfying to end the season obtaining a joy in Tour of Beijing – Rui said – Last year my aim was to honour the rainbow jersey on Chinese roads, but this year too I’d like to aim to top results. The course is interesting and there are two stages that could be suitable for me. LAMPRE-MERIDA’s selection is very competitive, that’s why I’m sure our fans will have a good time supporting us!”.

In what is being billed as the toughest Tour of Beijing to date, Lampre-Merida has assembled a squad more than capable of answering any questions the challenging parcours asks of them. Italian’s Filippo Pozzato, Sacha Modolo will join Argentine Maximiliano Richeze as the spearheads of the Lampre-Merida attack for the sprint finishes. On the mountainous stages, Costa can rely on support from Xu, Nelson Oliveira, Rafael Valls and up-and-comer Jan Polanc.

“The course of the stages of 2014 edition will give the opportunity to many riders to fight for the final victory of the Chinese race – sport director Matxin explained – The opening stage and the second one will be suitable for sprinters, but in the 3rd stage the battle for the top classification positions will begin. The 4th stage will be the queen one and the winner of the overall classification will be designated: he’ll be honoured in the final day in Beijing”.

“LAMPRE-MERIDA’s cyclists will have the qualities to battle in the classification and for the stages successes: Rui Costa, Oliveira, Polanc and Valls are in a good condition and the course seems to be suitable for them. Modolo, Richeze and Pozzato will target the fastest stages.We’ll count on Xu Gang grind to give our best” Matxin added.

The 2014 Tour of Beijing will be held from Friday 10th to Tuesday 14th of October as the last event on the UCI WorldTour calendar. The five day, 764.5 kilometre route provides for opportunistic racing and takes in breathtaking views of the Great Wall, Beijing’s mountain terrain and embraces key tourism attractions such as Tiananmen Square and the Bird’s Nest.

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Rui Costa leader of LAMPRE-MERIDA on the Italian roads

Rui Costa leader of LAMPRE-MERIDA on the Italian roads

LAMPRE-MERIDA will count on an international selection for trying to be protagonist in Il Lombardia, hometown race for the blue-fuchsia-green team.

Six Nations (Croatia, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain), one purpose: to be in the head positions in the second to last appointment of the World Tour circuit.
These are the cyclists that have been selected for Il Lombardia: Matteo Bono, Valerio Conti, Kristijan Durasek, Przemyslaw Niemiec, Nelson Oliveira, Jan Polanc, Rui Costa e Rafael Valls.
The team will be directed by Orlando Maini, in the staff there will be mechanics Posoni, Romanò and Viganò, the masseurs Capelli, Della Torre and Redaelli, the team doctor Beltemacchi and the driver Bozzolo.

Il Lombardia 2014 will start in Como, the finish line will be in Bergamo after 254 km of race. The climbs will be the following: Madonna del Ghisallo, Colle dei Pasta, Colle Gallo, Ganda, Bracca, Berbenno and Bergamo Alta.

The final part of the course will be open to more solutions than in the past editions of Il Lombardia – sport director Maini explained – The altitude difference of the final sector of the course is notable, but there will be also space for recovering energies. Considering these characteristics, I think that an attack of a group of riders could solve the race: it will be important for us to be in the head part of the bunch with more riders as possible.
I think that our cyclists have the necessary skills to approach the race in the proper way, so we’ll start from Como with ambitions“.

In order to study the new course of Il Lombardia, on Friday October the 3rd, in the morning, sport director Maini and Rui Costa, Oliveira, Niemiec and Bono will perform a recon on the final part of the race: 80 km from the Ganda to Bergamo.
At the end of the training, blue-fuchsia-green cyclists will move to Relais la California in Nibionno (

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LAMPRE-MERIDA will be hosted in Relais la California

LAMPRE-MERIDA will be hosted in Relais la California
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